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We experience several possibilities of water heater not working. Today we are going to discuss about one of the main reason.

Wrong Type of Wire

Whenever we visit the older housing units requesting for us to change their heater. Grey 3 core wiring are the most sighted for damaged instant water heaters.

These wires are not suitable for high powered home appliances. To be clear on our end, these wires CANNOT be used for instant water heaters.

And if you are not experienced in water heater installation. Please do not attempt to handle this job.

Connector terminals melted and carbon filled.
It likely means the wire was not connected properly or bad wire handling, excessive heat created, hence burning off the terminal.

This will cause signs of short circuit or tripping on circuit breaker. When it happens. Please look out for the any smell near the water heater immediately.

There should be plastic burnt odor. Please switch off water heater switch and call your electrician to check ASAP.

We highly advise you to quickly change your water heater. Call us for water heater suggestion!

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