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In search of a universal downlight range that balances form, function and performance.

The UNIOS ION R Series is the culmination of our years of research

Purposefully engineered to make Architecture Lighting easier for everyone, from our specifiers and contractors to end-users.

The ION R Series:
An overview

2 engines. 4 sizes. 6 models. 26,000+ customisations.

The possibilities are
endless with the ION R Series.

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “We are so impressed by the innovative design of this versatile lighting solution.
The new stealth metallic baffle is particularly interesting. We look forward to watching the function and beauty of the ION R inspire further advancements in the lighting industry.”

The Good Design Awards Jury


Smart lighting with mobile settings


Protection against water splashes
and security against dust


Change between 2700K to 6500K


Aluminum engine with Heat Sink and passive airflow handling perfection. Ensuring long lasting quality and performance

Architecture Lighting External Setting

Available in 4 sizes, an extensive range of accessories and 15,000+ customisations, the ION R Downlight is an outstanding contender for all lighting needs.
With 2 models, Standard and Wallwasher, the ION R Downlight can be specified for both horizontal and vertical lighting needs.


How does that spring clip work? Will it damage the false ceiling if replacement is required?


The ION R is separated into two main components, the Engine (light fitting itself), and the Trim (surrounding frame which has the spring clips).

The trim acts as framing and is installed first. The engine then neatly slides into position through a ball-bearing clip in the system. 

If, for whatever reason, the fitting fails and needs replacing, the trim itself remains in the ceiling untouched, and it is only the engine that slides out / is replaced.

The best way to think of it is that trim acts as an earlier installation provision that can be pre-fitted during the cut-out stages.