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Schneider Wiser – Comfort, Convenience, Safety and Energy Efficiency

Schneider Electric Wiser is a smart home system app that makes home automation easier with features like lighting & shutter control. Energy management in the app monitors home energy usage in real-time, for a more efficient home. Learn how to set up and manage Wiser. We recognize that the world is changing, and at a fast […]

Philips Premium Downlight Arrived Singapore: Philips Ultra Efficient

Extraordinary energy savings: Philips Ultra Efficient range expands into luminaires Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, will help customers manage their energy expenditure with a new range of Ultra Efficient lights and, for the first time, Ultra Efficient integrated luminaires. The new, more diverse product range offers customers even more opportunities […]

Headaches and Migraine Light Sensitivity Due To Light Environment

What is Light Sensitivity? Headache and light sensitivity, also known as photophobia, can have various underlying causes. Here are some common reasons and potential treatments: Common Causes How Does Lighting Affect Light Sensitivity or Photophobia? Lighting can significantly affect photophobia (light sensitivity) by influencing both the intensity and type of light exposure. Intensity like bright […]

Reinstatement & Repair Services For Condo Tenant and Landlords

For people who are new to us, we have done repairs and reinstatement jobs for tenants and landlords for more than 6 years.Highly specialized in solving challenging housing repair for tenants and landlords likewise. (At the appropriate charge). We did:

Portfolios by Orel Electric

Orange Electric by Orel Singapore is coming up with some stuff which are great initiative. Renowned for their commercial and private projects, from switch to isolator outlets.Orange Electric have finally open their products to reach out to Singapore BTO/condo residence.Let’s recap some wonderful projects Orel had done before! Meanwhile here are Orel – Orange Electric […]

Trailing Edge Dimmer for LED Lightings

What is Trailing Edge Dimmer? A trailing-edge dimmer is a type of dimmer switch used to control the brightness of lights, particularly those with electronic or LED bulbs. Unlike leading-edge dimmers, which cut the voltage supply at the beginning of each alternating current (AC) cycle, trailing-edge dimmers cut the voltage at the end of each […]

Aluminum Channel for LED Light Strip

A “LED channel” is a type of aluminum extrusion that is used to mount and protect LED light strips. It has a “U/YW/C” shaped profile that allows the LED strip to be inserted into it and secured in place, providing a clean and professional look. Mainly for Carpentry and False wall or Ceiling partition use. […]

AERATRON Ceiling Fan

Aeratron’s approach in designing our world-class ceiling fans was to completely rethink the shape and underlying technology of the common ceiling fans. As a result, Aeratron operates in complete harmony with the natural world with fans that stand in class all by themselves. AeroDC’s range of high-performance CHOICE® rated designer Aeratron ceiling fans work to […]


For your shopping convenience, we are in constant search for a payment partner that can provide seamless and enjoyable purchase experience for our online customers. We are pleased to announce Atome as our payment partner. Atome provide you with buy now pay later flexible payment option which allows shoppers to split bills into three equal, […]

Magnetic Track Lights For Your Home / Office

What is magnetic track lights? Magnetic track light, as the name implies, attaches the lighting components to the track by means of magnetic suction, which makes it more convenient and flexible to install and dismantle the lighting components under the condition of reliable connection of electricity and facilitates daily maintenance and repair. With the magnetic […]