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Guru have recently experience customers asking about T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps, we think this topic should be addressed.
Fluorescent lamps are used for a wide range of domestic and commercial purposes, primarily because of the high levels of light emission. Such tubes have outstanding colour rendering capabilities and offer excellent levels of energy efficiency.

Fluorescent tubes fall under the classification of hazardous waste due to their mercury content. Care should be taken during the disposal process as part of your commitment to environmental and legal compliance. It will be important to switch off the power source before detaching a fluorescent tube. The tube may then be wrapped in paper or toweling to prevent breakage. The tubing can then be transferred to recycling or hazardous waste disposal in accordance with the legal requirements.

G13 has 13 mm from pin to pin for T8 Light Tubes

LED linear T8 tubes don’t contain mercury and are great for locations where the lights are frequently turned on and off. Switching the lights on and off can prematurely burn out a fluorescent tube. LED tubes also offer greater energy efficiency and a longer lifespan when compared to fluorescent.

LED T8 tubes are suitable for offices and older light fittings.

G5 has 5 mm distance from pin to pin for T5 Light tubes

Light Guru discourages customers from buying T5 tubes because we found them to be highly fragile and we experience high breakage during transport. Customers called us to lament on breaking the tube during installation.


We suggest replacing with Batten Wall Light instead, it is super hardy and is made of plastic light diffuser and metal base housing. Super light and able to carry around with ease.


Suggested models are Philips Linea and Megaman Pinolite T5 Batten light tube.

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