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When working in a home setting, the line between work and life is dramatically blurred.

People end up working longer hours, sleeping less, feeling exhausted, and in turn, working longer hours to make up for the productivity collapse – it is an endless cycle.

To mitigate the risk of burn out syndrome, it is vital that employees “turn off” and get sufficient rest. This is where the HomeAuto wake up lamp and sleep tracker come in.

Finding it hard to get out of bed? It might be due to a lack of sleep. As its name suggests, the HomeAuto sleep tracker tracks your sleep.

From the quality to the duration, your sleep cycle will be analyzed to create daily, weekly, and monthly sleep reports. To further aid with your circadian cycle, the HomeAuto wake up lamp emits white light to facilitate a natural wake up routine. Say goodbye to the harsh buzzing alarm clocks that cause sleep inertia and wake up feeling more alert and refreshed!

Establishing a work-life balance, maintaining productivity, and preventing burnout while working from home is not as simple as it seems. With the range of responsibilities, tasks, and distractions, optimal organization, time management, and increased convenience should be at the forefront of our WFH strategy.

At HomeAuto, we believe that our range of smart home automation solutions will make things easier for you.

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