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HOMEAUTO Sleep Tracker

Track your sleep
Know the quality of sleep
Hours of quality sleep
Provide daily, weekly and monthly sleep report
Communication Protocol: WIFI
Size: 105x 88 x 12 mm
Weight: 0.13kg


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From recording heart and breath rates to quality of sleep, our sleep tracker makes monitoring one’s health easy. If the data collected is used in tandem with their healthcare provider, there is great potential in improving not just one’s quality of sleep, but life as well.

Age Actively & Anchoring Self 

Remaining physically, mentally, and socially fit is always at the forefront of all our minds regardless of age – the same applies to the elderly. As much as retirement is seen as the “golden years” of one’s life, the fact of the matter is that many associate “old age” with a phase of limbo. Due to this lack of activity, it is common for an elderly person to spend a fair few years in poor health. Because of this, the government encourages the elderly to learn, volunteer, work, and stay healthy to maximize time and opportunities. 

So, where do smart home solutions come into the picture? For one, the convenience offered by smart homes remains unrivalled till this day. Capable of improving our quality of life, a smart home automation system can double as a smart care solution too. For example, smart gaming consoles can be used to keep you active, while smart lighting solutions and sleep trackers can be automated to ensure you’ve had good quality sleep. Worried that you’ll have too many smart devices and apps around the house? For essential smart home automation tech, opt for the ZigBee standard. This way, you can set your whole home up with just the ZigBee Wireless Hub.


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