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What is magnetic track lights?

Magnetic track light, as the name implies, attaches the lighting components to the track by means of magnetic suction, which makes it more convenient and flexible to install and dismantle the lighting components under the condition of reliable connection of electricity and facilitates daily maintenance and repair.

With the magnetic suction technology, the luminaire components can be attached to the track. It is easy to dismantle and install the luminaire, and it can be fixed with a simple insertion.

LED Lighting Product - BoscoLighting
CLIXX SLIM magnetic track system - trimless recessed starterset -  Lightinova - Professional lighting
SKU:2252-Magnetic track light, Furniture & Home Living, Lighting & Fans,  Lighting on Carousell

Magnetic track light is the latest trend in flexible track lighting whereby the light can be easily plug, play and slide track lights processes. This guarantees a great freedom of lighting arrangement as you could change the mounting location of each track light in a few seconds. With the rise of the minimalist style, more and more modern styles of home decoration choose magnetic track light.

Versatile and Expandable

A magnetic fixing can be moved while they are still switched on, allows enormous flexibility and adaptability in the lighting design configuration at any time. The light can move along the track which is in direct contrast with individual lighting that is fixed with electrical wires and routes. Highly modular, plug in and out on the spot to set lighting atmosphere to your preference.

Class and Clean Design Accent

Modular lights fits into the recessed track for illusion of a clean seamless design for your household. Aesthetically minimal.


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Magnetic track lights are widely used in commercial places where decorative effect and accent lighting is needed, such as clothing stores, jewelry stores, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs, etc. However, because of its fashionable appearance, full sense of technology, high flexibility, etc., more and more young people love it, and it is also used in home lighting such as living room, bedroom and study by designers.

The magnetic lighting combination can match a variety of components with a variety of specifications and parameters as required, with compact size, easy disassembly, combination and mobile flexibility, etc. A system can meet the basic lighting, accent lighting, wall washing and other DIY lighting needs, is the best choice for designers to outline the lines of space.

Widely used in clothing, jewelry, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other commercial places that require decorative effects and key lighting. Because people’s demand for lighting design is getting higher and higher, it is also used by designers in living room, bedroom, study and other home lighting.

The magnetic lighting combination can be installed in a modular manner, with a wealth of components, and easy to disassemble. It is the best choice for designers to outline the space.


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