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What do you do when you have low ceiling in your HDB unit?
Congrats in collecting your new house key! When you enter your house and realize that you actually have very low ceiling height especially when you wish to have some false ceilings concealing your wiring. You are not alone. We met couples along the way of our installation journey and they have lamented on the problem they face.
Hate seeing wire trunk case all around the house. And resale units cannot be hacked. (It is illegal ok? Please check with your Interior Designer or contractor for further details.)

We as technical support guys will always give our utmost honest opinion about concealed wirings.

Home owners can choose to go for hacking and plastering, but there are risk involved. So the next best suggestion are L-Box and False-ceiling plastering works.

My Suggesting is to use the most minimal way of hiding trunk case. One can explore using Brackets or plastering channels to create false structure for lighting and wirings. It can achieve the cleanest works possible.

Inverted Downlight

I was wondering why didn’t anyone Suggest this idea to homeowners. We highly recommend this style especially for people who love house to be dimmer and cozy space. It really set the mood!
Yes it’s doable with our Philips downlights (ha! Downlights, what irony!)

Easy plastering works, but needs slight planning for electrical works.

Super easy maintenance works, just simply change the downlight and it’s working again. We will discuss on illumination of spaces in near future. Thanks for reading! That’s all for now.

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