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Vinyl Floor Skirting (Optional Installation)

Skirting is basically a board that runs along the border between the interior wall and the floor. It covers the improper edges, avoids scratches from furniture and gives a room a good finish

Panel Size : 2440 x 60 x 12mm

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Flooring gaps are often unsightly if left uncovered. This is where floor skirting or wall skirting comes into play. With both functional and aesthetic purposes to complement your flooring, here are four benefits of floor skirting for your home’s vinyl flooring.

While wall skirting serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, here are some specific benefits of installing wall skirting:

Protection to the lower portion of the wall from damage caused by foot traffic, furniture, vacuum cleaners, and other potential sources of impact is important. It acts as a barrier, preventing scratches, dents, and scuff marks on the wall surface.

For concealing any unevenness, gaps, or imperfections that may exist between the wall and the floor. It provides a neat and finished look to the transition area, creating a visually appealing border between the two surfaces.


Popular choice among architects, designers, and homeowner. Used to create focal points, accent walls, or decorative features, adding depth and visual appeal to the overall design

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