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We are pleased to inform you that Light Guru is the official Lazada Pick Up Store. Finally!

What does it mean?

That means you are able to purchase from Lazada platform and arrange for direct self collection from Light Guru Store. Click here for address.

However you have to opt for Self Collect from Store instead of selecting the shipment company.
Otherwise the default option will be Ninjavan. Once paid, the choice is irreversible and non-changeable.
The only solution is to cancel order and re-order again.

All Products can Collect On The Spot?

Almost 90% of our products are ready stock. Unless for those with low volume or high value products.
In order to avoid disappointment, please message us in Lazada private chat to confirm on stock readiness before committing to order via the online shopping platform.

Please allow us to process your order. We will call you to confirm on day and time of collection. So to close up any lapses in communication or any misunderstanding caused.


We are still trying to learn more about this new system and will try our best to give you the best service possible. But you can be assured that a call or message will reach you upon receiving your order within 1 working day. Co-ordination is crucial for our business and we placed a lot of attention to making sure our customers are well informed of the update and status of the Lazada order.

Where is your Shop Link?

You can visit our Lazada Online Store here.

Happy Shopping!

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