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DIY furniture is still in the trend and brings extreme satisfaction. If you are a hands on person, to do up your home all on your own is worth more than having carpenters doing for you. (Less the drilling part, we will come to this later)

Industrial pipe furniture are absolutely up to your creative prowess. From Dining table, wardrobe, all the way to bedframe. It works on your imagination and handiworks skill.

To me the best part is being able to spray paint your pipes to the color you want. No one will stop you!
Spray to pink, copper, Candy Red, or go for classic black. All will look awesome.

GI PIPE Bar Table, Home & Furniture
Rustic Barn Door Handle made from Industrial Pipe Industrial image 0
Learn how to make these awesome DIY Industrial Pipe Stools for your kitchen or office with no tools required!

GI Pipes and fittings are flying off the shelves now. Please come by to Light Guru Showroom and pick your DIY parts!

Pipes are in 20mm ( 3/4 inch) in diameter

Drilling and Mounting

About this topic, we have many customers telling us unfortunate stories of the holes of their walls.
They have missed on the calculation and steps for mounting. So there are holes which are “misfired”.
So we highly recommend customers to engage Home Fixup to do mounting and drilling works.

How to Buy

Items are strictly self service, please call us to us for stock for particular parts and fittings.
Do come by to our Store and have a look to see if our items suits your house/office.

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