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GLEDOPTO 2.4G RGB CCT Remote Control

Model:  GL-RC-006Z

Type: Constant voltage source

Number of channels: 6 zones

Working Temperature: -20-60℃

Input Voltage: DC3V (2*AAA battery)

Control Distance: 30m/100ft

Product volume: 14.5 cm * 6.0 cm * 2.0 cm


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Key Features

Gledopto 2.4G handheld remote control with 6 zones that can be controlled independently or simultaneously. Compatible with colour changing LED tapes that include RGB, RGBW & RGB+CCT.

Key Features

6 Light zones: Remote control for RGB, RGBWW and RGB+CCT lighting.

Can control multiple lighting types such as LED strips, downlights, floodlights, garden spotlights, bulbs and control units.

Can control all Gledopto Plus series LED lighting products

With multiple functions and 9 lighting modes

Compatible with RGB+CCT WiFi controller and the entire Zigbee LED light system

Power supply mode: 2 * AAA batteries (DC3V) (not included)

Control distance: 30m/100ft

Product code: GL-RC-006Z

Manufacturer: Gledopto

Guarantee: 2 years

Length: 130mm
Width: 55mm
Depth: 18mm


1.Turn off the Power.
2.Plug in the bulb.
3.Now you can connect it with the gateway.

Connection with Gateway:
1.Start the device searching on the ZigBee Light Link Gateway, it could take some time.
   If the Gateway does not find the device, switch off/on the gateway and try again or
3.The Gateway found your device and you can assign it to the different rooms/zones/groups.
4.Now you can use the device.

1.Switch on your device.
2.Now switch off and on within 2 seconds.
3.Repeat off/on four times.
4.Reset is done when the device is switched on in the fifth time and the light stays on after blinking 4 times.

Link & unlink with 2.4GHZ RF Remote Control

How to Link

  1. Within 3 seconds after power on, click the “on” button of the group to conduct code matching, and the LED lights turns green, indicating successful code matching.
  2. Long press the “off” button of the remote control to enter the night light mode, and the brightness and colour can still be adjusted at this time.
  3. Long press the small moon key to enter the 60 seconds delay shutdown state.
  4. Long press M key to enter automatic mode.

How to unlink

  1. If the LED is still connected to the ZigBee gateway, long press the “on” button on the remote control within 3 seconds after power on or press the button for 5 times continuously, the light will flash for 5 times in the current colour.
  2. If the LED is not connected to the ZigBee gateway status, on press the “on” button on the remote control within 3 seconds after power on or press the button for 5 times continuously, then the LED light will be fully bright and flashing for 5 times.

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