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Power Track Pro with Standard UK Adaptor


Track Sockets solves the problem of insufficient number of wall sockets and avoid mixed and disorderly environment of using extension sockets.

Surface Mount Pro 1200 Series
Finish: Anodized Black
Length: 1200mm
Width: 100mm
Depth: 28.5mm
Track Type: Surface / Protruding

Pro Set includes:
1x 1200mm Power Module Track
4x British Adaptor (Multi Socket Available**)

Includes Installation worth $80 (Limited Time)

**Available for Commercial and Private Property only

T&C: Indent 4 weeks or lesser. Pre-order product.


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Inclusive of Installation worth $80 per track (Surface Mount)
For wire extension and other wiring subject please chat with us directly. 

Rated 32A
Rated Power: 8000W

What is the rationale of Power Track with Adaptors over Conventional Sockets?

If you are in a scenario where you have 1-2pcs of 13A socket on one side of the wall. You want more socket outlets for TV Console or Work desk area.
You will require electrician or contractors to do wire extensions for you, some charge you for hacking, wiring and installation works. 
Our common request was to shift the socket outlet and install 3 double 13A sockets near TV Console.
Breakdown standard charges will be: 

Rewiring work: $80-$120
Installation for 3 Double socket: $180 ($60 x 3)
13A Socket price range: $37.50 (~$12.50 per colored socket*) 

Total Price Range : $297.50 – $337.50
(Not inclusive of any hacking job)

This is a classic example of having conventional socket. 

*Socket prices vary according to Brand and Model.

What are the advantages of having Power Track?

No need extension socket – Main advantage of Power Track is when you need to expand your socket outlet. You can freely add on. 

Add on appliances is always a headache, extension sockets creates more wiring. Though it is the easiest solution.
Clutter free – Solve all messy wiring with Power Track add ons.

Placement – Move your adaptor to where you want it to go. No more restriction by short wires from appliances.

Safety – Power Tracks rails have fantastic design in terms of safe use compared to Extension strips.

Aesthetic – If you are big on aesthetics, Power Track is the best option, hands down.
Slick and impressive all the time.

Highly Customizable – Power Tracks length can be made to order, adaptor range are interchangeable according to request.


If you nod to any 2 of the points we made. Then Power Track is obviously your solution.


What are the application of Power Tracks?

Highly recommended for
TV Console Area
Gamer Desktop
Work desk / workstation (Recommend 1200 – 2000mm track)
Vanity Area (Dry)
Kitchen Dry Area

iF Design Award 2023:

Track Sockets solves the problem of insufficient number of wall sockets and avoid mixed and disorderly environment of using extension sockets.

It consists of a power track and several socket modules, which can be tailored to different power usage scenarios.

While increasing the flexibility of power, the product itself is also a great home decoration.

The elevated panel & glow effect of light create a modern home atmosphere.

The indicator of the track will show the real-time power load through color changes. Overload protection makes it safer to use.

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