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ORANGE RF Smart Controller 5A RF433MHz 1 Channel Receiver

A wireless receiving power controller can control a group of up to about 30 LED lights or total power consumption can be as high as 600W

Simplified setting operation, 5 seconds to complete RF wireless docking

Environmental protection with self-generation of kinetic energy, no need for batteries, permanent battery life – See Kinetic Switch here

No need to lay power cords, no need to dig walls, no need to bury wires to avoid water, efficient cost saving

Reliable and durable, the tested switch can be switched on and off repeatedly

Easy to install and use, easily realize single control, dual control, multiple control, mutual control, intelligent life, easy enjoyment

Built-in Module: RF433MHz

Power load: 5A (Up to 600W)

Warranty: 1 Year

Dimension: 70 x 44 x 29mm


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It adopts brand-new technology, built-in micro-energy harvesting module, no battery, permanent battery life, no wires, no need to gouge walls, and damage the building structure; weatherproof, no worry about electric shock again, easy to install and easy to use, help you step into the wireless era, easily realize physical switch dual control, multiple control, mutual control, smart APP control, voice control and other control methods, improve the quality of life, and enjoy smart life.
The advantage of the split type is that the wireless receiving power controller is used together with the kinetic energy self-generation wireless transmitting light switch.
It has the characteristics of fast installation due to switch-free wiring, no need to gouge walls and dig holes to damage the building structure, and save manpower, material resources and time.

*Tested up to 50 meters outdoor Or unblocked. And 20 meters indoor blocked with walls and partition. Functions the same with upper and lower floor.

Designed with a “Kinetic” mechanism, so no batteries are needed. Able to relocate after installation Including being able to command tasks that can be controlled in many ways as well feature

  • Longer service life thanks to the “Kinetic energy” system, no batteries required.

  • Convenient, comfortable and modern by ordering via mobile phone

  • Can control multiple lights

  • can be used to connect to the old electrical system which is installed inside the original standard size embedded Box

  • save cost because no wires are required do not drill the wall No conduit required

  • Strong, durable, made from standardized materials. can be used for a long time

  • environmentally friendly reduce battery consumption Thus, there is no waste and Co2 emissions.

  • Check the line in depth. Tighten the screws to prevent short circuits.

  • Should be installed and wiring by a professional technician.

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