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HOMEAUTO Zigbee Natural Gas Detector

To detect gas leak in the kitchen / places where gas stove are installed

ZigBee Protocol

Battery Powered: Working Temperature:-10~50℃

Working Humidity:≤95%RH, Non- Condensing

Material: ABS+PC


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HomeAuto Natural Gas Detector


Rated Voltage: AC 220 V / 110 V & 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Power Supply: Alternating Current (AC)

Rated Power: <1.5 W

Network Protocol: Zigbee

Material: PolyCarbonate (PC)

Product Size: 79 mm x 68 mm x 31 mm

APP Control: Remote Control

Gas Detection Alarm

Historical record

Safe Home with Smart Home Devices for your Child

Picture this – a kid returns home after school to an empty house. The child decides to cook a quick meal on the stove. Hungry, they begin devouring their meal without turning the gas stove off, only to notice a smell similar to that of rotten eggs, but thinks nothing much of it. What happens next?

As adults, it is easy to identify the signs of a gas leak – a strong distinctive odour and a hissing sound coming from the gas appliances. However, children might not be aware of this. This is where the ZigBee gas detector becomes a life-saving device. Designed to sound off on occasions of a gas leak, this smart home solution leaves the guesswork out of maintaining gas safety in your home.

Should things escalate and a fire ensues, the Zigbee smoke detector can be configured to go off immediately. This will not only alarm the kids but also neighbours that safety has been compromised.

Home Safety with Smart Home Devices for the Elderly 

According to reports, 47,000 seniors aged 65 and above were living alone in Singapore in 2016. However, these numbers are set to increase, as experts estimate the numbers to hit over 83,000 by 2030.

The Ministry of Health has also answered several queries posed about the elderly.

From questions on mental health issues to interventions to support seniors, there is no doubt that Singaporeans as a whole are concerned about the ageing population. Although it is reasonable to expect that all the needs of a senior will be met by themselves, their family, and the government, the truth of the matter is that loads happen behind closed doors.

For example, falls account for approximately 40% of all injury-related deaths in Singapore. There have also been multiple news reports of fire accidents that have left a few elderly with burn injuries.

As such, providing targeted care to this large group of people is crucial – and one of the key things that can reach far and wide is technology.Through the delivery of affordable smart care and the integration of smart home automation systems, safety and security can be improved for the elderly. 

Accident Prevention 

As mentioned, falls, burns and poisoning are some of the more dangerous accidents that must be mitigated. And smart home devices for the elderly can help prevent these.

For example, smart home solution providers like HomeAuto boast products like water heater switches. Allowing you to schedule water heaters and electric stoves, caretakers of the elderly can turn on and off these electronic appliances remotely. Did your ageing parent leave the electric stove on after preparing a meal? Switch it off using the HomeAuto app – the same works for water heaters.

In the case of a fire, smoke detectors and gas detectors come in handy. Instead of being unaware of a fire that has broken out or a gas stove that has been left on, these smart home gadgets will alert those in the home, providing sufficient time to get help or escape unscathed. Caretakers can also rest assured that the elderly have something at hand to immediately alert family members at times of need.

The Zigbee SOS Button, for one, is a lightweight device that can be carried around and pressed when in need of help. Devices like the smart door and window sensor serve multiple purposes. Since it is common practice for homeowners to keep their medication stowed away in a designated corner, the same can be done for the elderly.

Increase safety with these automated gadgets that trigger an alert via the HomeAuto app, informing that a cabinet storing medication or other harmful products has been opened.

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